Your Best Guide To Using The Apple Camera Connection Kit (Apple IPad)

Read all about the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and how to utilize its advantages and benefits. In your

Read all about the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and how to utilize its advantages and benefits.

In your Apple iPad 3rd generation and even earlier, the feature of Camera Connection Kit consists of a brand new SD card reader and a camera connector for easing the process of importing videos and photos.

  • Using the USB cable you are provided with, you can connect your digital camera to a USB port from your camera connector in the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  • You can use your SD card with the help of the SD card reader that you will also be supplied with in the Camera Connection Kit.

With the assistance of your Camera Connector, one can import videos and pictures, from his/hers SD cards and digital cameras. Not to mention you can do the same thing from your iPod nano 5th generation, iPod touch, iPhone and even iPad.

Importing videos and pictures:

With the following detailed steps you can start with importing all your media from your digital camera right to your SD card. Comes in handy in many situations!

  1. Fetch your iPad dock connecter and connect your SD Card or Camera Connector to it.
  2. Entirely depending on your dock connector, connect the digital camera you have at hand by an SD Card or with the means of a USB.
  3. All the photo albums you have on your iPad will now appear in the tab labeled “Import” displaying for you the option of Importing All.
  4. Click on Import All to start the process or if you need only a few specific items click on the desired items then click Import.
  5. After the importing process is complete, you can Delete or Keep any of the media you have on your SD card or camera.
    When using specific SD Cards or digital camera, at times you cannot delete images from your device and the Delete option won’t appear.


Sometimes the Import tab does not appear. If so happens follow the following steps:

  • Ensure that your digital cam is turned on and in the condition to export media.
  • Disconnect your iPad Camera Connecter, wait for about 30 seconds! Then reconnect it or your SD Card Reader if you have it.
  • Now unplug your SD card digital camera, again wait for around 30 seconds. Now reconnect!
  • Reboot/restart your Apple iPad and switch your camera off and on.
  • If you have another one of the amenities (an SD card/digital camera) test it.
  • If you have the option to import media with your other SD card or digital camera, you are going to reset or initialize your media on one of your amenities. Need a little help or guidance? Use your camera’s manual.

Please note that initializing will remove your existing pictures from your current SD card or digital camera. So make sure you have a good backup ready.