Things To Know About The IOS 8.4 Update

“Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else.” This is how Apple presented iOS 8. We can all agree that iOS

“Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else.” This is how Apple presented iOS 8. We can all agree that iOS 8 brought some amazing changes, and every new iOS update is special in its own way. The main reason why you should always keep your iPhone up to date is because new iOS versions fix the bugs, but they also bring some exciting features. That’s the case with iOS 8.4 update as well.

Let’s not forget that iOS 9 comes this fall, and Apple promised even better experience. Beta version is already available, and while we are waiting for the final one, we are going to talk about the things you should know about iOS 8.4 update.

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iOS 8.4 update

iOS 8.4 update

In case you didn’t install iOS 8.4 just yet, here are some of the things you should know about this update. Take a look.


Apple music app

One of the most exciting things about iOS 8.4 update is a new Apple music app and when you install this iPhone update, a music app that came with iOS 8 will be replaced. There is Apple Music service three-month free trial. After the trial period is over, you can choose between two plans. The first one is an individual plan that costs $9.99, and the other is a family plan (up to six family members) that costs $14.99. With the Apple Music app you can enjoy full albums, but you can also save the music you want, and listen to it when you are offline. The app comes with many great options, such as Add to up Next Play Next, and more. We are sure you’ll love it!

You will get rid of the iMessage bug

If you have iOS 8.3, then you are probably familiar with the iMessage bug, really annoying one that keeps crashing your device. Well, with this new iOS update, you can finally say goodbye to it. Of course, this update contains the fixes for other problems, not only the iMessage bug. In case you are experiencing issues with your iPhone, and iOS is not up to date, installing a new version is a pretty good idea.


What about performance?

Well, the experiences are different. In general, we can say that many people are pretty much satisfied. What you need to keep in mind is the model of the iPhone you own, because iOS 8.4 nicely run on models such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. When it comes to iPhone 4s, many people shared their experience. Some are satisfied, but there are many who complained about the fact their iPhone 4s snapping a bit. The performance may vary, and it may depend on the device, apps, and so on.



Apple sets some limitations, and if you want to overpass them and get the access to many applications not authorized by Apple, and if you want to have the complete control over the operating system and firmware you need to jailbreak your device. We have talked about jaibreaking many times before, and when it comes to this iPhone update jailbreaking is possible. If you decide to install this iOS update, here are the guides you will need in case you decide to jailbreak iOS:

iOS 8.4 update

Are there any issues with iOS 8.4 update?

We said it before, but let’s say this again. The update will fix the bugs and it will bring new features you certainly want to try out. You know you want that new Apple music app, right? Many times before, when a new iOS update becomes available, we can see many people complaining about a wide range of issues. Some of the usual ones are iMessage issues, poor battery life, no service problem, and so on. However, we must point out one very significant fact. Not every person will experience these issues, and for the majority of people who installed this iPhone update, everything works perfectly.

In case you decide to install iOS 8.4 update, and if you notice any issues after the installation, you can find many solutions right here, on Technobezz. We have talked about many iOS 8.4 problems, such as iPhone sound on apps isn’t working, iPhone 6 GPS issues, iPhone 6 Wi-Fi not working, and many others, and we provided the solutions. We also talked about iPad problems after iOS 8.4 update, such as battery drain, screen rotation and apps issues. As we said, complaints come after almost every update, but for the majority of people everything works more than fine.


These are the most essential things you need to know about the iPhone 8.4 update, but to fully experience bug fixes and new features, you will have to install it. We are also excited about iOS 9, and we are eager to see what it has to offer.


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