How Do You Solve The Most Common Problems Of IPhone 5 – Part 1

In this article we shared solutions to some of the most difficult and common problems on the IPhone 5. Since

In this article we shared solutions to some of the most difficult and common problems on the IPhone 5. Since its launch in September of 2012, iPhone 5 has registered an impressive number of sales. Shortly afterward, talks about numerous operational problems began to emerge and the need to fix the iPhone 5 issues became inevitable. Below we discuss some of the most common complaints, which we will try to join them and some solutions. If you identify with them, do not hesitate to try our recommendations on how to solve the most common problems in iPhone 5.

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Solve The Most Common Problems Of IPhone 5 part 1

solve the most common problems of iPhone 5


  1. How do you resolve issues Wi-Fi connection


Many iPhone 5 owners complain that they have difficulties when it comes to maintaining a Wi-Fi connection. The device cannot connect at all or to a network in the area, resulting either connect but the connection is very unstable. It seems that the fluctuations of the signal can be recorded even when you actually position the next router.

The main cause of this failure appears to be a bug in iOS that cause lags in the connection or signal capture problems. For prevention of these bugs to Apple released the 6.0.2 version of the operating system.

The first and easiest thing you can do when you see such behavior is to restart the smartphone. Click buttons that lock home at the same time until the Apple logo appears. After reboot, try again Wi-Fi connection.

Alternatively access menus Settings -> Wi-Fi -> blue icon next to the network you are trying to connect – > scroll down to the bottom of the list – > Sets the HTTP Proxy to Auto

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  1. How do you solve a Home Button malfunction 


From time to time, the terminal’s home button is not responding. One problem obviously frustrating, it has some simple troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, the problem can be solved hardly buttons on their own. The safest and most appropriate is to go to a workshop and address them.

However you need to use the smartphone for an emergency? You cannot afford to wait to fix the defect ? There is a solution that you can put into practice…

Settings -> General – > Accessibility > Activate Assistive Touch

You will notice that there is a small circle on the display. By clicking on it, you’ll have access to some of the most important menus, avoiding the use of physical Home button.


  1. How do you solve the problems with the power button?


After the Home button, Power button is just as likely to broke. You will find it necessary to press it several times in a row until it respond to the command. Or you may find that only works if you press a certain portion of the button. Or as part of the button takes command immediately, while on the other hand more difficult to answer.

Unfortunately, and this is a hardware problem that can be solved by nature most effective representatives directly to where you purchased. If you have warranty, you’re lucky. If not, you can request a repair charge.


  1. How to avoid housing scratches


The aluminum casing of the iPhone 5 was and is still a controversial issue. Symbol of elegance and refinement, this feature can be as easy, and a great sign of weakness, because it scratches easily.

A tip worth following, which comes right from the marketing manager of Apple, is to be used in any situation a dedicated this iPhone case. Just so you can keep in the best conditions, for as long as possible.

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