Reasons Why Macs Are Better Than PCs

There is a long debate over the issue which one is better, the windows PC or Mac computers. There is no doubt

There is a long debate over the issue which one is better, the windows PC or Mac computers. There is no doubt that Mac PC is much more reliable, easier to use and provide much more satisfaction which is why most of the people who have a plan to get a new system deciding to have the apple PC even though the prices are comparatively much higher. However, apart from reliability and easy uses, more reasons exist to prove Mac as better than windows PC. The reasons are discussed here.

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Excellent combination of hardware and software:

Mac PC is comprised of top quality components. Be it hardware or software, apple make sure that everything in the MAC is able to provide the ultimate performance, so you can get the best out of it. Playing games is really a fun in Mac due to the smooth performance. Not only games, this is just perfect for everything. If you are trying to get a machine to get the office job done in no time, Mac PC is again the best for that as the software is made to make the assumption perfectly to help the users stay one step ahead. Overall, having a Mac computer will let you enjoy the smooth performance, great look and excellent functionalities.

Windows PC

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Useful pre-loaded software:

Macintosh computers come with many useful pre-loaded software such as iLife that is very useful to edit any photo, video along with letting you make music. Also access to the iWork online apps and good email clients are some of the helpful pre-installed software in Mac while windows PC comes with some software installed that is really of no use.

High Security:

In terms of security, Mac is again ahead of windows PC. Apple has kept the Mac computers highly protected which does not require the users to install any anti-malware or virus. The chances of getting infected by ferocious virus or malware are not as high as when using Windows computers. Also, if the cyber criminals are planning to attack the Apple PC with the same virus as used for windows, failure is what they will experience.

Track pad:

Easy to use track pad is another reason that made the Mac more reliable than Windows 8 PC. Windows 8 PC is equipped with touch screen while Mac has still kept the laptop as simple as that by making it dedicated to the mouse and keyboard input. Track pad makes the navigating much faster than when something is done through the touch screen.


Today’s youngsters are more concerned about style which make them to choose the one that can perfectly reflect their style. And Mac is the one that again wins if the style is considered.

Excellent backup by Time machine and cloud:

Easy and simple hard drive backup in Mac is appreciable where the users are required to hook the drive and turning the time machine on will do the rest. It’s not only about having a backup, but you can also get back the files deleted long back. iCloud storage is another useful facility offered by Apple that is very useful for people who are using several devices such as iPad, iPhone etc.

Easy up gradation of OS:

If you are using a Mac PC that was bought long back, updating it with the new OS is highly required to get the best out of the Mac. Apple understands the situation and made the OS updating process so easy that users can do it smoothly in no time. Also transition to the latest OS is completely free. But, OS update in windows PC is not that easy and it requires some amount to be spent to update legally with the latest version of windows.

Mac allows installing windows in it:

This is the best point to consider while buying a Mac. Yes, Apple made it possible to install windows in Mac through its own boot camp. Or else, a third party virtualization game can also be the way to install windows in Mac. Parallels, VMWare Fusion are VirtualBox are some of the examples of third party virtualization games. But this is not the case with windows. You cannot run Mac in a Windows PC. So, it is always better to have the one that will let you enjoy both software in one machine.

So, the above 8 reasons are enough to exemplify why Macs are really better than PCs.