One AirPod Not Working – How To Fix It

AirPods are among the best earbuds you can get these days. They have great design and they work seamlessly –

AirPods are among the best earbuds you can get these days. They have great design, and they work seamlessly – at least most of the time, at least. But you know that even the best things may have some issues periodically. If you are facing an issue when just one AirPod is not working, keep reading. We are going to share some quick tips on how to fix it.

One AirPod is not working – ways to fix it.

Many AirPod users find themselves in the same situation, so just follow the tips listed below, and we are pretty sure the AirPod will start working again. If none of the tips below work, contact Apple or visit one of their stores nearby.

Before trying the steps below, see if the AirPods have any dirt or debris. If you notice, make sure to clean the AirPods.

Place the Airpods into the case

The first thing you need to do is place the AirPods into the case and make sure they are both charging. Leave them there for a while, and then try them out. Sometimes, leaving them just a few seconds in the case puts things into motion again. And believe it or not, this trick is something most users have reported success in fixing the same issue.

Forget the device

Unpair your AirPods and connect them again. Here is what you need to do:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth and then tap on the “i” icon right next to your AirPods
  • Next, tap Forget the device
  • Confirm the action
  • Place both AirPods in the charging case and close the lid
  • Wait for a minute and open the lid
  • Now press and hold the setup button for a couple of seconds until you see a white flashing light
  • Place your AirPods close to your iOS device to connect them, open the lid, and click Connect

Both AirPods should be working fine now.