Moving To Samsung Galaxy S5 From An IPhone? You Need To Know These Things!

If you are one of those thousands of people who choose to move on from an iPhone and join the customizable community

If you are one of those thousands of people who choose to move on from an iPhone and join the customizable community of Android, I want to welcome you. But if you are picking a Samsung Galaxy S5, then here’s something you need to know about your transition. First off, I hope that you are enjoying to use your Galaxy S5 because it can seem daunting at first but it then becomes the back of your hand in some time.

galaxy s5

Enough of that now. I’m here to help you get up and running as smoothly and fast as possible. And with the help of some of these tricks and advices, you will surely be up and running in no time.

It is highly possible that on your iPhone, all of your contacts, calendars and emails were handled in the iCloud. So if you are moving to Galaxy S5, it doesn’t mean that you will have to leave all of that behind. You can easily sync everything from your iCloud to your Galaxy S5 with a couple of apps. Mailbox on Android is one of them. It is an Android substitute of the iOS mail app. It can manage your emails from Google as well as iCloud accounts.

Media files can also become a headache to transfer if you have been a long time iPhone user. You surely might have got a lot of music files in iTunes. But don’t worry, the process is straight forward. Below is the link to get you going (Also, I will be posting an updated version of that on Technobezz too).

How to get iTunes music on Android

If you are choosing to completely stop using your iPhone, then you should probably backup all your media on your computer just in case. Also, if you want to have access straight away on your Galaxy S5, then you should consider some cloud storing services such as SpiderOak or Google Drive. I’m not recommending Dropbox because the don’t provide proper protection.

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These were just some of the basics that I mentioned above. Many of the services that you used in your iPhone should be available in the Google Play Store, and if not, then there is surely an alternative to that. That is the best thing about Android, you always have some app or something for a specific task. Also, if you used some of your own tricks, do let me know in the comments below.