Iphone’s 7 Birth Years Celebrating The “KIlling” Of Paper Maps

Who would have thought , and even Jobs would not have imagined, that the Apple’s iPhone was predicted to have

Who would have thought , and even Jobs would not have imagined, that the Apple’s iPhone was predicted to have ruled only 1% of the world’s mobile market in 2008, now it celebrates an almost 14% popularity among the millions of mobile lovers.


When Jobs first presented this masterpiece, the end of an era for some of the most known to us applications had come. To be specific, iPhone has managed to “kill” the paper version of Maps, introducing its all time favorite Google Maps. Nobody has to wrap and unfold papers, or even sometimes tear them, to find about his or her destination anymore. Google Maps can show your roundabouts with a touch of the screen.

No more table alarms and photographic machines. Iphone has exterminated their presence with its simple digital applications. Thank God some people still keep their table alarm gadget, only because of their insecurity that the mobile’s battery will be exhausted, and as a consequence, they will hear the yells of their boss every day, let alone possibly get fired.

iPod tends to extinguish as well. It can’t compete for the capacity and occupancy of the Iphone’s hard disk. Iphone gives the opportunity to store a huge list of songs, and every model increases the quantity, as the hard disk memory keeps as well increasing.

What about the influence on the human beings. Well, one thing is for sure. Our concentration patterns have changed , because of getting lost in all those easy and useful applications. Well, let’s not forget our table manners. I remember a lot of parents accusing their children of playing Nintendo during lunch. Well now that iPhone is here, Facebook and other favorite software will be the next biggest companion that has found their place near the table’s bread (of course they couldn’t have lived inside the platter..)

So Huffington Post congratulates iPhone for reaching the 7th year of life mentioning all the above and many other things. Don’t miss Sharlin de Guzman, an actor who has rolled her 2-minute video to also celebrate iPhone’s birthday. It will be hilarious to watch the things someone will miss without the phone. An ad that will certainly not suffer any contradiction, as It adds up to the advertised value of the Apple’s masterpiece.