IPhone Headphones

The headphones of the iPhone and other iOS devices offer a respite when you wish to seclude yourself from the

The headphones of the iPhone and other iOS devices offer a respite when you wish to seclude yourself from the rest of the world. The effective sound quality that emanates from the excellent headphones would make you get lost in the dreamy world.


However, there are several situations wherein you might encounter some common problems with the iPhone headphones. Here are some of the common problems and their potential solutions:



  • Stuck in the Headphones Mode: It is quite a common problem wherein your iPhone or the iOS device gets stuck in the headphone mode even when the headphones are removed from the headphone jack. The major causes associated with this issue could be the accumulation of dirt or debris in the headphone jack which makes the device presume that the headphone is still in there. On the other hand, if you are using the headphones of some third-party company and not the original ones, then this could also lead to the problem.
  • The solution to this issue is quite simple. You can try cleaning the tip of the headphone jack with the help of an earbud. Once cleaned, you can check whether the phone is still in the headphone mode by toggling the volume button up and down. This action might resolve this issue.

  • Dirty Headphone Jack: The headphone jacks tend to be the open holes wherein it is quite common for the dirt and debris to get accumulated quite easily. This might disable the transmission of proper sound to the headphones when plugged in. However, this problem is quite common with most of the iOS users and you need not rush to the nearest Apple store when you encounter the same.
  • You can make use of a vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to it. Then, you can place the hose in the opposite direction of the audio jack of the iOS device. Once you would turn the machine on, all the dirt would come out of the dirty headphone jack and you can resume listening to music with a great experience.
  • Headphone Jack with Moisture Inside: Moisture too can cause significant problems in achieving the seamless music experience. In addition to affecting the sound quality, moisture might even render the headphone jack completely useless.
  • Therefore, you must emanate all the moisture from the headphone jack to keep it safe and long lasting. You can make use of a hair dryer to dry out all the moisture content present inside the headphone jack.
  • Jammed Headphone Jack: The jammed headphones might come as a result of using the non-original headphones on your iOS device. In some other cases, it might also be caused due to some software issues. This problem would result in the inability to hear anything from the headphones when plugged in.
  • You can try attaching and detaching the original headphones that came with your iOS device. This trick would help the iOS device in recognizing the difference between the normal and the headphones mode. Therefore, it might come out of the jammed headphone state.
  • Volume Problems due to Headphone Jack: The volume problems usually refer to the inability of hearing any sounds from the audio speakers of the iOS devices. These issues could be caused due to the buildup of the pocket lint that is located inside the headphone jack. As a result of this, the commons symptoms encountered are the inability to hear the click sound while unlocking the phone and inability to play music through audio speakers and so more.
  • You can solve this problem on your own by bending out one end of the paperclip and then using it to scratch out the lint from the insides of the headphone jack. You can make use of the flashlight to spot the lint accurately such that you do not damage any other part of the headphone jack. In case, you are unsure of the same, you can reach out to the closest Apple store.
  • Breaking of Music While Plugging Headphones: This is another common problem that is encountered when you would use the third-party headphone instead of the original Apple headphones. This happens as the third-party headphones usually fail to maintain the grip of the headphone jack which results in the breaking of music while playing anything on the headphones.
  • The solution of this problem is quite simple. You should avoid using the third-party headphones.

  • Sound Playing Only Through One Side of the Headphones: This problem could imply two things: either the headphones that you are using are damaged or there is a great amount of dirt inside the headphone jack. As a result of this, the headphones loosen their fit inside the jack and therefore, there is sound only from one side of the headphone.
  • You must examine the headphone jack for the accumulation of any kind of dirt inside it. You must keep the headphone jack clean to avoid any further headphone issues on your iOS device.