The IPads Race: Why Is The IPad Pro The Better Choice

The most obvious answer to the question would be very easy to understand. Simply because iPad Pro is a pro iPad

The most obvious answer to the question would be very easy to understand. Simply because iPad Pro is a pro iPad with more features, however it comes at a more expensive price and if you’re not willing to pay the price and you decide that you certainly don’t need those new features than the iPad would seem the best choice. But will you still think the same of the iPad Pro once you get to know what it can really do?

  1. The Display

The first and obvious difference between the two is the fact that the pro version is way bigger than the standard iPad. More specifically, the Ipad Pro has a 10.5 inch display, while the Ipad has a 9.7 inch one. It might not seem like a huge difference but it is, in fact, mostly because the iPad Pro has a 20% bigger display. So the developers made some visible changes in order to improve the device’s utility. Extending the display with 20% more over the edges of the iPad implies an easier access to the device especially if you’re using a keyboard or the split screen mode. 20% bigger display also means that you can multitask more easily.

  1. The Lights

Apple iPad Pro’s developers thought it through for a long period of time and the result is no joke. They have even thought about protecting the screen from light and other extern factors, as well as easing up the way you’re seeing what you’re doing on your iPad Pro if you are using it outdoors. In other words, the iPad Pro developers added an antireflective coating on their product just so you can use it without any problems outside your house as well. Another point for utility goes to iPad Pro.

  1. Storage

A considerable difference is noted at the storage section as well. The 64GB iPad Pro version comes at the price of a little less than $650, while the standard 32GB iPad is sold at a less expensive price, almost $330. But, given the doubled storage space you will have by buying the 64GB pro version, you won’t have any problems with bigger apps and features you want to add on your device. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this 32GB is not the free storage after you will buy the tablet since the iPad’s preinstalled apps take some place as well. If you want to know the real free space you’ll have, then you might want to consider using only half of your free space or even less.

  1. Accessories

When choosing the iPad Pro you will also have the possibility to own the Apple Pencil as well. The accessory offers another feeling and it is actually one of the most accurate Apple accessories ever built so far. The Pencil is just another way of the iPad Pro saying that the word “pro” from the official name is actually there for a reason. It is addressed especially to people who want to do things faster and more accurate; as well to designers and other art related fields and kids.

  1. Cameras

The camera that was set in iPad Pro is the same used in iPhone 7. The rear camera has 12MP and it also has optical stabilization. Of course you will also have a flash and your photos will definitely be clearer and more enjoyable as well.

iPad’s rear camera has only got 8MP and that means that your photos will have a medium quality.

If you’re still not convinced about it, then giving it a try in the stores will probably help you take a decision.