iOS 9 is a great OS version launched by Apple on 16th September 2015. This version of the Operating System has

iOS 9 is a great OS version launched by Apple on 16th September 2015. This version of the Operating System has been introduced with several exciting features with the main focus being on intelligence and proactivity. This has allowed the Apple devices to learn and analyze the user behaviors and then act on the available information to accelerate the ease of use and accessibility. The iOS 9 aims to bring into some action by opening the apps before the users would need them, making recommendations on places that they should visit based on their preferences, as well as guiding them through the activities of daily life to ensure that everything is delivered to the users as they need it.

In short, the iOS 9 version is highly advanced and aims to make it a perfect Apple experience for the users. Siri has been at the heart of the modifications with this new update. The personal assistant of the Apple users is now able to create contextual reminders as well as navigate through images and videos in new forms. The iOS 9 operating system also features the latest deeper search capabilities that can bring out the best results with respect to sports, weather, videos and various content from the third-party apps. With the help of this feature, the users can also achieve simple calculations and conversions with the help of the search tools on the iPhone or iPad.

With the launch of the iOS 9, several built-in apps have also improved in their functionalities. For instance, the Notes app now includes new checklists along with enhanced sketching features. The Maps of the Apple devices would now offer the transit directions as well. Mail allows for the file attachments with much ease. In addition to these, there is also the introduction of a new “News” app that can analyze and learn about the interests of the users and then deliver relevant news with respect to the desired field. There is also an improvement in the Apple Pay with the addition of the store credit cards along with the loyalty cards. As a result, the Passbook has been renamed to Wallet in the iOS 9 version of operating system.

Even the iPad has received some remarkable changes with the introduction of the iOS 9 version.

For instance, there is the launch of the split-screen multitasking feature that lets two apps to be used at once by the users. Moreover, there is also a picture-in-picture function that would let the users in watching a video while doing something else on the iPad.

Along with these vast new and advanced features, the iOS 9 of Apple also sports the major under-the-hood performance improvements. The Apple devices would now come with optimized battery usage even under typical conditions along with the expertise Power Mode that tends to further extend the battery life of the phone by as much as three hours.