How to select multiple files on Mac

Experienced Mac users know all the tips and tricks to operate their machines. But those who switch from Windows to a Mac may find even the simplest tasks difficult.

Experienced Mac users know all the tips and tricks to operate their machines. But those who switch from Windows to a Mac may find even the simplest tasks difficult. This is normal, and you will probably need some time to get it all, but it is just a matter of practice.

After several days, you will feel natural, and everything will go smoothly and easily. Until that happens, having some side help is great, right? We are here for all that you might need. Here, we will show you how to select multiple files on Mac.

How to select multiple files on Mac

Selecting several files on a Mac isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Here is how you can do that.

Sometimes, the files you want to select are not close to each other or right next to each other, right? If that’s the case,  press and hold the Command key and click on the items to select them. 

On the other hand, files can be close and right to each other; click on the first item, click on the Shift button on your keyboard, and finally, click on the last item you want to select. All the items listed between the first and last will be selected.

If you don’t want to use the Shift button, you can use a mouse or a trackpad instead. To do that, click somewhere near the first item, and then press and hold the mouse button or your trackpad and drag it over the other items and files you wish to select.

This is how you can select multiple files on a Mac. You decide which method suits you best.

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