How To Remove Shows And Movies From Disney Plus Continue Watching

Many Disney Plus users wanted the “Continue Watching” feature, and Disney managed to add it. And

Many Disney Plus users wanted the “Continue Watching” feature, and Disney managed to add it. And yes, this feature is super helpful – if you want to continue watching a show or a movie. But what if you don’t like it and want to remove it from that list? Well, the whole process is not as simple as you may expect it to be. There isn’t an option that allows you to remove the title, at least not for now, but some tricks will work. We are going to share them below.

Removing shows and movies from the “Continue watching” section:

Here are several suggestions that you can go for:

  • Use another profile as a testing option – this may sound weird initially, but it could turn into a pretty cool thing. Instead of having many shows or movies on the continue-watching list, you can keep only the ones you like. Then play the show on your backup profile. Open the show on your main profile if you like how it goes and want to continue watching more episodes and seasons. Continue watching the episodes there.
  • Fast forward – if using another profile seems like a tedious task for you, here is another way. Make use of the fast forward. For example, you want to remove a movie from the list. Go to the very end of the film, including the credits. In the end, the movie will disappear from the Continue Watching list. If you want to remove a TV show, fast forward to the end of the last episode. By doing this, you will remove the show from the list. 
  • Continue watching - click the option and hover over the movie or show. When X appears in the top-right corner of the film. Click on it to remove the movie from the Continue watching list. 

These are the solutions that you can go for at the moment. Perhaps Disney Plus will add something that will be straightforward and easier than this.