How To Fix IPhone 11 Pro Battery Life Issues

Over time, the iPhone 11 Pro won’t perform as it did when you purchased it. The first thing where you’ll

Over time, the iPhone 11 Pro won’t perform as it did when you purchased it. The first thing where you’ll notice the difference is battery life. You will have to charge your phone more often than before, which can be very annoying. How frequently you have to charge your phone also depends on your usage.

Power users have to charge their phones more often. If you are looking for ideas on what can be done to make the battery last longer between chargers, keep reading. We will show you how to fix iPhone 11 Pro’s battery life.

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro battery life issues

Solution 1: Restart your iPhone 11 Pro

If you are wondering why you have to charge your phone so often, the answer is in apps and processes that keep running in the background. All these have a significant effect on battery life. The easiest way to close it all is by restarting your phone. A restart will not only close the apps and processes, but it will also give your phone some sort of boost in performance.

Solution 2: Background app refresh

As we mentioned already, tons of apps keep running in the background. However, you can turn this option off. Once you do, you’ll notice that the battery lasts longer. Go to Settings > General > Background app refresh. You have two options here. You can turn the Background app refresh for apps of your choice or turn it off for all your apps.

Solution 3: Software update

Always keep your software up to date if you want your phone to perform at its best. To update the software, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and install.

Solution 4: Update the apps

Smartphones are all about apps, so it is essential to ensure the apps you are using are updated. Head over to the App Store and update all your apps.

Solution 5: Get rid of the apps you no longer use

If you have a bunch of apps and don’t use them all, it would be smart to delete the ones you no longer need. To do so, head over to the Home screen. Select the app you wish to delete. Tap and hold the app’s icon. The app will jiggle, and you’ll notice an X. Tap on it. Tap Delete app.

Solution 6: Auto-brightness

Do not underestimate the impact the display has on the battery. You can make a huge difference just by choosing the auto-brightness option.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility
  • Tap Display & Text Size and choose Auto-brightness

Solution 7: Turn off the services you don’t need at the moment

If you are out and using mobile data, why do you also keep Wi-Fi turned on? Or, if you are not using Bluetooth at the moment, why do you keep it on? These services are considered power-hungry, so it would be wise to turn them off when you are not using them.

Make use of Low power mode.

The Low power mode is a feature you should go for when you are out, and charging is not an option. It will disable certain features, apps, and services so that you can get more juice until you are in a position to charge your phone. To enable Low power mode, navigate to Settings > Battery.

If you have done all the above steps, but your battery still lasts only a few hours, visit one of the nearest Apple Stores.