How to Convert Kindle To PDF

Kindle is an effective and convenient tool in this age of ebooks. With this, you can pack tons of cheap and free publications into a single frame that is light and supportive.

Kindle is an effective and convenient tool in this age of ebooks. With this, you can pack tons of cheap and free publications into a single frame that is light and supportive. However, if you decide to switch back to a PDF file on the PC to view the same publications or on any other device that does not provide support for the native option of the ebook format, there are other tools to aid the cause.

You may use plenty of tools to convert these files to PDF format or devices that support the PDF format. Taking a glance at the following options can help. Let’s see how to convert Kindle to PDF.

How to convert Kindle to PDF

Downloading the AZW files

For this software option, the Kindle Books must be in the AZW format instead of the KFX format. You can easily obtain the AZW file when you log in to your Amazon account through your laptop or computer. You have to hover around the location that mentions Your Account and choose Manage Your Content and Devices.

After this, you have to move into the place that mentions Show at the top left portion and select Books. Going further, you can tap on the three dots on the left side, next to the titles you want, and then select Download and Transfer via USB. You will now be forced to choose one of the Kindle devices, and the AZW file downloads on your PC.

Follow the conversion with the EPUB converter.

The EPUB converter is a free online tool used to convert ebook files into the original format. With this online aid, you can convert various electronic publications MOBI, AZW, EPUB into PDFs. Due to the heavy desktop footprint, this tool can expedite the conversion and make the procedure simple and convenient for the users. The first step for you is to access the EPUB converter.

1. Accessing the EPUB converter

You can launch your preferred browser and move on to EPUB Converter’s Kindle to PDF Converter option.

EPUB converter

2. Uploading and converting the Kindle file

If you have the files in the machine, you can click on the button Add File below the PDF information and above the instructions for conversion. After this, you have to find out all the Kindle files you have decided to convert when it is formatted in MOBI or AZW. Now click the gray Open button in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window.

This converter facilitates the process of conversion and uploading at the same time, allowing you to add as many files as you want. After completing, you can click on the yellow Start Upload button on the right side of the file you have added.

3. Downloading the PDF

Conversion may take time, depending on the length of the file. You can right-click on the PDF file and choose Save link as the desired option to save the files where needed. However, you can also left-click the link to force the download process and see the PDF on the browser.

The file is hosted on the EPUB converter for a couple of hours so that you have enough time to download the new PDF. You can repeat the entire process by clicking the button Add File below the files you have just converted.

EPUB converter PDF

Conversion with Calibre

Most people look forward to this option for converting Kindle files to PDF. This ebook manager is easy to handle as it has some of the most amazing features and is lightweight. The attractive interface is not only self-explanatory but is teeming with plenty of resources. If you are unaware, the software can handle an array of input formats, such as HTML to PRC, AZW, and MOBI.

It can also function properly without an active network connection. Whether it is to reorganize the ebook files or create new folder directories, you will hardly come across instances that are genuinely bugging. Moreover, this one comes with several options to customize the aesthetics and appearance of the PDF file.

Step 1: Downloading and installation of Calibre

After launching your favorite browser, you can move onto the home page of Calibre and click on the button ‘Download’ at the right side of the page. After this, you have to choose the operating system and follow the instructions on the screen after downloading. Finally, you have to launch the program.


Step 2: Adding the Kindle file

If you have readied the files on the machine, you can click the Add Books button in the upper-left corner of the application window. Now find the Kindle file you need to convert that is formatted in a proprietary format such as MOBI or AZW.

After this, you must click the Open button in gray at the bottom right portion of the pop-up window. If you wish, you can also drag and drop the files to be converted into the application window. With the option of uploading files in bulk in Calibre, you can choose to add more files if needed.

Step 3: Conversion of the Kindle file

You have to choose the files you need to convert and click on the button Convert Books at the left side of the navigation bar. Soon after, a pop-up window appears on the screen with an array of options such as title, tags, author, book cover, options for changing the structure, and the PDF pages’ design and metadata components.

You can select PDF from the drop-down menu at the Output format's right, carry out the necessary changes to the files, and finish the process by clicking the OK button in gray at the bottom-right corner of the window.

Calibre PDF

Step 4: Downloading the PDF

Once you have completed the conversion process, which may take time depending on the file size, choose the ebook again and right-click on the PSF link in blue, located beside the Formats.

Now choose the second option from the drop-down menu, Save the PDF format to the disk and finally, select the location you want to save the file. You can left-click the same link to see the PDF file using the default PDF viewer in the operating system. You can repeat the process if needed.

Converting Kindle into a PDF file is easy if you follow the steps correctly. You are now ready to view your favorite publications in the PDF and read them whenever you wish.

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