First Five Things To Do On IPhone XR

With the announcement of the iPhone XR by the makers of the phone, you have got to note some of the mesmerizing

With the announcement of the iPhone XR by the makers of the phone, you have got to note some of the mesmerizing features of this phone. Even though it does not have a dual camera at the back, you will still enjoy the power of the A12 Bionic processor, just like the iPhone XS or Max.

The portrait mode pictures may not be as good or impressive as its siblings, and the LCD screen lacks the brightness or the power, but the price is one of the attractions for entering the ecosystem of the iPhones. For beginners, this is perfect for iPhones you can start using. Here are five things that you will love about the iPhone XR.

1. Enjoy the color options

In terms of the color options, the iPhone XR is a show stopper, so you have got to be there to pick it up when it is finally available after the pre-order launch. You will get this model in six exciting colors: black, coral, yellow, white, and blue. The red edition is about to be launched, so you can keep your fingers crossed for now.

iPhone XR Color option

2. Enjoy more power with battery life

If you are looking forward to the extra features on this device, you can check out the new iPhone XR, in which the company has made remarkable improvements when considering the battery life. Worried about using the phone for hours without charging? Gone are the days, as this model provides you with an extra battery life of about an hour and a half, which means a lot for those users who want to stay engaged with the phone for hours together.

iPhone XR Battery

3. Performance and affordability

As a user of the iPhone XR, you expect the performance to be the best, and the company provides you with the smartest A12 Bionic processor, thereby helping to improve the performance of the device. According to the company's experts, the processor has the speed to process about five million operations every second, which may be another reason for the buyers to get this new device.

Not only does it use less power, but the apps will open much faster. The suggested price of this device is what most iPhone customers can happily afford. For several buyers, the low-resolution LCD screen, no 3D Touch, and the absence of an OLED screen may not matter at all when affordability is a significant concern, and what they need is an iPhone.

iPhone XR A12 Bionic processor

4. Extensive storage option to store files and photos

Are you prepared to store tons of music, media files, and photographs in the new iPhone XR? Apple has gone to the highest levels with the storage option in this device as you get three different options: 128 GB, 256 GB, and 64 GB, all of which can excite the customers.

However, the device does not have an external storage slot, so you can invest in a better capacity to utilize the space available for storing your favorite photographs. Are you still waiting to capture the best clicks during your best friend's wedding? You can keep them on the device with ease.

iPhone XR Storage

5. Rear and front cameras to take the shots

You can click on the pictures you want, as the new device boasts the presence of a 7-megapixel camera on the front to empower the True Depth Camera System for the Face ID. Similarly, the 12-megapixel camera at the back is ideal for optical image stabilization, taking photos in Portrait Mode, and a smart HDR.

iPhone XR Front Camera

Whether it is the dual SIM, the large display, the battery life, or the storage space, the iPhone XR offers the opportunity for customers to justify their reasons for spending a small amount to get a host of features.