Apple student discount: How to use it

Apple is a leading name in the field of technology. Apple products are relatively expensive compared to its competitors.

Apple is a leading name in the field of technology. Apple products are relatively expensive compared to its competitors. But, the popularity of its products makes it the best seller of the year. There are numerous products of Apple Inc. available in the market, including smartphones, iPads, laptops, etc.

The company's main target is the young generation, as teens prefer its products. To make more sales, Apple has started offering students a discount on its products. Apple has an education store that focuses on the education market.


To get an Apple student discount, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the company. A person is eligible for a discount if they belong to educational background. The discount offer is not limited to teachers and students; it also includes other workers and staff members of the school, college, and university. Guardians or parents can also get Apple student discounts on behalf of their children. One must fulfill the following criteria for an Apple student discount:

  • They must be an employee of an educational institution.
  • They should be attending a post-secondary education center which may be a public or private institution.
  • They must be the parent of a student who attends a post-secondary education institution.

If you fulfill the above criteria, you can apply for the discount. The Apple education stores also provide refurbished Apple products, so you should check out both products on their online store.

How to use the Apple student discount?

To get the Apple discount, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website. If you are buying an Apple product for the institution/university, you must visit the Apple Store for schools and universities.
  • Sign up using your email ID and password.
  • Enter your name, department of study, institution/university/college, year of study, and course length. You must have identity proof of all this data. The Apple store will ask you to provide identification to prove that you are a student, parent, teacher, or any other worker or staff member of the educational institution. Always show the original documentation; no Xerox or photocopy is accepted.

Now check out the list of items you want to buy from the store with discounted pricing. There are great discounts available on the latest MacBooks and also on the accessories. For more information, you can contact the Apple support center; they will guide you regarding the process of getting a discount.

How much discount can you get?

The discount is not based on a percentage (10%); the Apple Store for educational purchases sets up separate price tags. Students usually get a 15% discount from the Education Store for purchasing Mac computers. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini are the most purchased products in the Store. iPads are also available; however, the discount is not as big as for Mac computers, but still, you can get a decent deal. Other Apple products like the iPhone and Apple watch are also available but without any discount.


Apple has started a great initiative to increase its market share on electronic devices by providing a special discount to the student. This has resulted in an increase in the popularity and demand for Mac computers all across the globe.

You can also buy a student membership from the Store to get additional benefits for your purchase. But, before making any purchases, you should check all other global stores for the pricing of the products.

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