Apple Places Limited Orders For New IPad Pro. What Does It Mean?

iPad Pro will start to be sold in November as Apple’s plan, since it’s introduced to the public

iPad Pro will start to be sold in November as Apple’s plan, since it’s introduced to the public on September 9. There’s no certain date from Apple yet when the iPad Pro will be available. However, ahead to the initial sales, there’s an interesting report from DigiTimes that Apple have ordered iPad Pro from the manufacturer in a limited amount.

Currently, Apple only placed orders for fewer than 2.5 million units for the iPad Pro before the end of 2015 and the volume for the first quarter of 2017 is expected to be even lower if demand for the device during the year-end holidays is weaker than expected. As most enterprises are looking to save costs, the iPad Pro is unlikely to become the top choice for mobile device purchasing, the sources noted.

Does it mean Apple is not confident toward the iPad Pro sales?

Apple ordered  less than 2.5 million iPad Pro units. It’s not a small number for a new product actually. They need to see the market reaction first, and if the demand gets higher in the first sales, Apple will easily increase the production. The same thing happened when they launched the Apple Watch as a new product. They ordered Apple Watch in a limited amount, but then they found the demand was very high at that time.

This is a typical Apple’s business strategy they are careful and they go step by step. They have learned a lot from the failure of iPhone 5c. They use the demand as part of their success (Apple Watch) and the gradual sales stimulate a higher demand. It’s contrary to what they have done with the iPhone sales, because the iPhone is not a new product category and they can read the iPhone’s demand well.

Does Apple feel unrivaled by Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Apple Places Limited Orders for New iPad Pro. What Does It Mean?


We are not sure about this one, but we know that Apple is always full of confidence with every product they make. They’re not supposed to be affected by the other innovations. We must admit the Surface Pro 4 has a great capability with Intel desktop performance, and it has a cheaper price. The iPad Pro will cost $799 – $1079 USD and the optional Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard cost $99 USD and $169 USD, respectively. Actually, what Apple needs to do is to convince the public of the technology combination on the iPad Pro. If Apple can encourage the developers to make the apps to compete with desktop apps, iPad Pro will become one of the best tablets ever. The advantage of iPad Pro is the App Store and the ecosystem inside. Moreover, iPad Pro is a tablet with the fastest ARM chip in the world at this moment, and it’s believed to have the multicore score geekbench 7000+ (iPad Air 2 score 4400+).

Will iPad Pro be successful in the market?

It mainly depends on Apple and the company’s approach to the public – they must convince the market that iPad Pro is not iPad Air with a bigger screen.

What do you think? Are you going to order it?

Source: Digitimes

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