Apple Needs To Strengthen The IPad Brand

If you visit the page, you will find the current iPad models. Why does Apple not classify them

If you visit the page, you will find the current iPad models. Why does Apple not classify them based on certain iPad series? On that page we can see iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 2. If you compare it to page, you will understand what I meant. On Mac page, Apple classify Mac according to each series.

The Current iPad Series Look Weird

If Apple classify a product to certain series, it will help user to choose the perfect product according to their needs. For example, most users know that MacBook Pro is more powerful than MacBook Air. It shows that each “Pro” series and “Air” series has their own place and category. This what I call the “awareness brand”, the important thing to make the product accepted by the public.

On the iPad page in, Apple doesn’t classify it, but only shows the current iPad models that are still actively sold. I think it’s weird.

Why the current iPad series look weird

1. iPad mini is divided

On that page, they displayed 2 iPad mini models i.e iPad mini 4 and mini 2. Apple doesn’t put them together in one section, like the iPad mini section. The consequence is, people might get impression that both models are from different series. Unlike iPhone, iPad has 3 series: iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. So, they should classify it clearly on their web.

The Current iPad Series Look Weird

2. iPad Pro is displayed as a series

Apple displays the iPad Pro as a series and I think that’s right. If on that page Apple wants to feature model instead of series, they should split iPad Pro into iPad Pro 12-inch and 9.8-inch.

The Current iPad Series Look Weird

Those two things above show that Apple is still not serious in classifying their iPads. In fact, if iPad is a post-PC era device as they believe, they should classify it as they did for Mac.

Here what I think they should do with iPad

1. Make the iPad brand only

When they launched iPad for the first time, public known it as the iPad (only). One year later, Apple made iPad 2 and the public predicted that Apple will release iPad 3 the year after. Interestingly, Phil Schiller introduced iPad 3rd generation as the “New iPad” without number 3 or 4. They wanted to make the iPad (only) brand stronger. I think, it was the right step so that public can recognize iPad based on the launching year or generation instead of model, as well as the iPod Touch.

Unfortunately, they didn’t continue that. Two years later, they released iPad Air. Just because it is thinner, they added the “Air” tag on it. iPad Air is the iPad 5th generation, but it sounds like a new series of iPad. Apple should remove the “Air” tag from it because such thickness is quite common right now. On the other hand, when MacBook Air was released for the first time, the brand was quite strong because the other laptop was thick and heavy.

If Apple uses the iPad brand only, without any other brand behind, public will repeat the word “iPad”, “iPad”, and “iPad” and it will make the brand stronger.

2. Stop calling it 1, 2, 3, 4, …

When the iPad mini 2 came, Apple started using the number on the iPad mini generation, such as iPad mini 3 and 4.  Then, public can guess the next generation of iPad mini will be the iPad mini 5. But, it will make model number brand stronger than the series brand itself. The same goes for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and so on. Next year, we will probably meet the iPad Pro 2 and 100 years later may seen the iPad Pro 102. It’s weird, isn’t?

iPad is not iPhone. Leaving the numbers 1,2,3,4,…etc will help the iPad brand stronger. The statement “I am using iPad Pro” is better than “I’m using iPad Pro 2.”

3. iOS for iPad

All this time, iOS is made for iPhone and iPad, but in fact, Apple, makes iOS for iPad with better features, such as a multitasking feature and shortcut keyboard. It means Apple supposed to be more focused on iOS for iPad and get a new brand “iOS for iPad”. It will make the iPad brand stronger with the support of its own OS brand.

Last Word

It seems that Apple will need 3 iPad series only, and those are:
1. iPad with a 9.7-inch display.
2. iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display.
3. iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch for professional.

The Current iPad Series Look Weird


Those 3 series should have the same features and have different display sizes. If an iPad has a better feature than the other one, the public won’t be interested in it. What happens now is that public love the iPad Pro 9.7-inch more than iPad Air 2, because the Pro has the better features. If this continues, the iPad brand series will “eat” each other.

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