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Top Best Case Protectors For Apple Watch

A smartwatch has definitely made the lives of people easier with its two-in-one functionality. It offers the

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A smartwatch has definitely made the lives of people easier with its two-in-one functionality. It offers the features of a watch and a smartphone at the same time. Thus, you do not always have to carry your smartphone to keep yourself updated about what is happening around you. Just wear a smartphone on your wrist like a normal watch and you are done! However, do remember that you will have to charge it occasionally like your smartphones. Apple and Samsung are two pioneers in the smartwatch arena. Apple has quite a few series of smartwatches with dials of different sizes. Since a smartwatch is undoubtedly more expensive than a usual wristwatch, you might want to give it the maximum protection you can. You can check out our list of case protectors for Apple smartwatch to get started.

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Best case protectors for Apple Watch

Best Apple Smartwatch Bumper Case Protectors

Ouluoqui Shockproof Apple Watch Bumper

Ouluoqui Shockproof Apple Watch Bumper

The Ouluoqui smartwatch bumper is made of soft and durable TPU. The bumper has a special design that allows it to cover the edges and sides to protect the smartwatch from scratches. The shatter-resistant and shockproof properties ensure that the accessory saves the device from accidental shocks, bumps, and drops. When fixed on the bezel of the smartwatch, the black bumper stays a little higher than the dial to avoid the screen from coming into contact with the ground if it falls face down.

The accessory comes with an 18-month warranty.

Who should buy this?

  • The Ouluoqui accessory is ideal for people with black smartwatches if they do not want people to notice the use of a bumper for protecting their devices
  • The Apple watch bumper is intended to serve the needs of those who own 42 mm Series 1, 2, 3, and Sports Edition smartwatches
  • The shockproof and shatter-resistant properties make the accessory a great option for those who are apprehensive about their smartwatches getting damaged due to accidental falls

Affordable Apple Watch case protector

Top4cus Lightweight Apple Watch Bumper

Top4cusLightweight Apple Watch Bumper

This soft and easy to use Top4cus TPU smartwatch bumper is lightweight and does not make the watch bulky. The bumper is durable and covers the edges and sides of the smartwatch completely while giving a glass touch feel. It is hardly noticeable on the bezel. However, it does not cover the rear of the watch. The smartwatch bumper is shatter-resistant and shockproof to offer protection against scratches, dents, and bumps. The case protector allows you to charge the smartwatch without removing it. The flexible and yet tough accessory does not accumulate sweat during a workout.

The bumper comes in twelve color options such as black, purple, red, clear, gold, gray, and more. It is available with a 12 months warranty for either replacing the defective item without reordering or returning the original item.

Who should buy this?

  • The protective bumper is suitable for people using 38 mm Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 Apple smartwatches.
  • The multiple colors available make the Top4cus case protector ideal for those who want their smartwatch to suit all outfits.


One of the best case protectors for Apple Watch under $10

Coobes Matte Finish Metal Apple Watch Bumper

Coobes Matte Finish Metal Apple Watch Bumper

The Coobes bumper case is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The precise CNC cut allows accessing all the ports, buttons, sensors, and cameras without having to remove the snap-on bumper. The case covers the smartwatch on all sides and prevents scratches. The accurately engineered case fits correctly on the watch.

The bumper case is available in five matte color choices of black, gold, red, silver, and rose gold. It comes with a long-term warranty of 36 months.

Who should buy this?

  • The choice of metal for the bumper case and a matte finish ensures that the Coobes accessory is apt for people who want a cleaner and durable look for their bumper case in place of standard plastic counterparts
  • The bumper case is intended for those who use 40 mm Series 4 Apple Watches


Best Apple Smartwatch Waterproof Case Protector

Catalyst Series 1 Shock-Resistant Bumper Case

CatalystSeries 1 Shock-Resistant Bumper Case

The Catalyst case is made of impact-resistant rugged polycarbonate and lightweight silicone. The case has shock-resistant and waterproof properties that surpass the MIL-STD-810G standards for drops and shocks. It has an ultra-sensitive screen and allows you to access all components and functions of the smartwatch such as a microphone, speaker, heart rate monitor, and Bluetooth like how they can be used without a case. The case also does not have to be removed to charge the smartwatch.

The accessory comes in three color options of rescue ranger, green pop, and stealth black.

Who should buy this?

  • The Catalyst accessory is worth considering by people engaged in outdoor activities like skiing, camping, climbing, and hiking because of the rugged material used in its design
  • A case is a good option for those who enjoy water-based activities or water-sports such as swimming, diving, and fishing.
  • The accessory serves the needs of those who are looking for protective measures for their 42 mm Series 1 Apple Watch.


Best Apple Smartwatch Case Protectors with Screen Protection

Julk 4335020554 Ultra-Thin Screen Protector Cover

Julk4335020554 Ultra-Thin Screen Protector Cover

The Julk ultra-thin screen protector is made of TPU and has a thickness of just 0.3 mm. The protector offers external surface protection by safeguarding the four sides and the screen. The smooth accessory features anti-collision and scratch-proof properties.

During strenuous physical activities such as gym workouts, sweat may get trapped between the screen and the clear protector. This is because the case protector does not stick on to the screen and remains slightly raised above it. To wipe the sweat off, remove your smartwatch, and take the case off. Use the cloth provided to clean the screen and the inside of the case. After the cleaning process, fasten the screen protector once again. The protection accessory comes along with a wet cloth, a dry cloth, and a 24-month warranty period.

Who should buy this?

  • The Julk protector is apt for owners who want an accessory to protect their 42 mm Series 3 Apple Watch
  • The accessory is ideal for those who are looking for ways to protect the screen of their smartwatch


All-around protective case

Smiling 4335020554 Ultra-Thin Screen Protector Cover

Smiling4335020554 Ultra-Thin Screen Protector Cover

The Smiling clear screen protector is made of high-quality TPU. The very thin protector comes attached to a bumper with curved edges to give the smartwatch complete 360-degree protection by covering the screen and curved edges. The bumper has accurate cutouts for accessing the ports, two microphones, and buttons without removing the accessory. The clear nature makes it look like you have not put anything over the screen so that the smartwatch looks like how it originally is. The case cover has shockproof and anti-scratch properties to save the smartwatch from unexpected knocks, falls and bumps.

There are chances of sweat getting trapped between the clear protector and the screen because of physical activities like gym workouts. This is because the case protector remains slightly on top of the screen without sticking to it. All you have to do is remove the accessory from the smartwatch and wipe it inside as well as the watch screen. You can then put the protector on once again. The accessory comes with five color options of blue, rose-pink, gold, gloss black, and silver for the bumper.

Who should buy this?

  • The Smiling screen protector is ideal for those who are apprehensive of the screen of their smartwatch getting damaged due to accidental falls
  • The accessory is meant for people who use Series 2 and Series 3 42 mm Apple Watches


A great case protector with an easy snap-on mechanism

Spien SGP 11496 Bumper Cover with Aluminum Button

SpienSGP11496 Bumper Cover with Aluminum Button

The durable Spigen bumper cover is made of flexible TPU. The bumper can be fitted on to the smartwatch with an easy snap-on mechanism. The cover comes with an aluminum button that supports easy pressing and solid feedback. The full edge coverage ensures that the smartwatch is free of scratches. It allows easy access to all the smartwatch features with zero interference. The exact cutout ensures that the smartwatch can be charged with the bumper cover intact. The shock-absorbent protector has a sleek, simple, and precisely engineered design that gives it a rugged look with an accurate fit. The bezel is just slightly raised so that the smartwatch does not look bulky and it has no contact with the screen.

The bumper cover is available in three color variants of black, rose gold, and white.

Who should buy this?

  • The Spigen accessory meets the protection requirements of 42 mm Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 Apple Watch owners
  • The product is ideal for those who do not want their smartwatch to appear bulky when they use a bumper cover



Best Apple Smartwatch Protective Case Strap Band with Bumper Case

Pantheon Silicone Rubber Watch Case Strap

PantheonSilicone Rubber Watch Case Strap

The Pantheon watch case strap comes along with a bumper case attached to it. The strap and the bumper case are both made of silicone rubber that makes the accessory convenient to wear. The band has many holes to adjust according to a comfortable fit. The sweat-proof and waterproof easy to install protecting unit protect the smartwatch from damage when it is exposed to sweat or any source of water. The accessory can be cleaned easily if it becomes dirty by removing it and wiping it with a non-bleach cleaner. It is washing machine safe and

The watch case strap with the bumper case is available in five two-color combinations of black and yellow, gray and white, red and black, white and black, and white and pink. It comes with an option for a full refund or replacement in case the band breaks or fades within the first 18 months of purchase.

Who should buy this?

  • The Pantheon combination is designed to meet the needs of men and women who use 38 mm / 40 mm Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, or Series 4 Apple smartwatches
  • The watch case strap is a good choice for those who like the watch band and bumper case of their Apple Watch to sport two colors

Best Apple Smartwatch Bumper Case and Screen Protector Combination

Wolait Durable Bumper Case and Screen Protector Smart Watch Protection

WolaitDurable Bumper Case and Screen Protector Smart Watch Protection

The Wolait bumper case and screen protector combo ensure the complete safety of your smartwatch by covering all four sides. The bumper case is made of soft and lightweight durable TPU with a rugged design. This design protects the accessory from scratches, dents, and bumps. On the other hand, the screen protector is made of transparent tempered glass and has a black frame. The case can be fitted very easily on to or removed from the smartwatch. It wraps around the watch firmly and does not fall off. The precise cutouts ensure that there is no problem accessing either the screen or the various buttons and ports.

The combination is available with three color combinations of black, navy, and rose gold for the bumper case. It comes with a 12-month that comprises replacement, return, or refund of the defective item.

Who should buy this?

  • The Wolait combo is ideal for people who are not sure if they want a screen protector for the safety of the screen of their smartwatch
  • The combo is intended for those who use 42 mm Series 1, Series 2, or Series 3 Apple Watches


A case that offers complete 360-degree protection

i-Blason Tight Fit Bumper Case and Two Screen Protectors

i-BlasonTight Fit Bumper Case andTwo Screen Protectors

The i-Blason combo is a set of one clear TPU bumper case and two detachable clear tempered glass screen protectors with black frames. The HD screen protectors cover the screen fully and avoid scratches, cracks, dents or chips from forming on the screen with no compromise to screen quality or touchscreen sensitivity. The bumper case ensures a tight fit on the watch and has precise cutouts to protect the smartwatch from all sides without hindrance. It also supports charging of the Apple Watch with the case on.

Who should buy this?

  • The i-Blason combination is an apt choice for people who want complete 360-degree protection for their smartwatch when used daily or against accidental drops
  • The bumper case and screen protectors are designed to be used by those who own a 44 mm Series 4 Apple Watch
  • The availability of an external tempered glass screen protector makes it ideal for people who are skeptical of the same getting damaged and want a spare one


Apple Watch case protector under $15

Spigen Apple Watch Case 42 mm

Another great case that will protect your Apple Watch is this one. Spigen Apple Watch case is made with TPU and PC and it provides full protection for the watch. This case is designed for the Apple Watch Sport 42mm, all models released in 2015. It comes with air-cushioned 4 corners and a slim design and you will have the access to all the features and controls. You can buy this sturdy case on Amazon and its price starts at $5.99.

Apple Watch protective case that you can wear around the arm

Twelve South’s Action Sleeve 

best case protectors for Apple Watch

Twelve South has very interestingly created a watch case that can be worn around the arm. It is brilliant for people who lift heavy weights and participate in contact sports or those who may not have a wrist to wear the Apple Watch. The silicon outer frame makes sure that the watch is protected while the neoprene strap makes sure that you enjoy a snug fit on your arm. If you want your wrist to move more freely while you enjoy a sport then consider the Action Sleeve which comes in red and black and is available for both Apple Watch variants.

Protective case for Apple Watch with a simple design

Speck Candyshell Fit 

best case protectors for Apple Watch

The impact-resistant exterior of this case is perfect for both Apple Watch sizes. While it plays low when it comes to aesthetics, it definitely does well when it comes to handling impacts. If you like bright hues and pop colors then the Candyshell cases will be more suitable for your lifestyle.  For the price you pay, this is a great case.


There are quite a few types of nominally priced case protectors for your Apple smartwatch. Most of them are thin and lightweight and do not make your watch bulky. You might want to first decide if you want a colorful accessory or a clear one that appears almost invisible. Once you have made the choice, the next aspect worth considering is if you want a protector that covers your screen or not. If the answer is yes, you can choose from those that cover both the sides and screen or the sticky film that covers only the side. On the other hand, if you do not want the screen covered, bumper cases with raised bezels are ideal as they protect the screen as well if the Apple Watch falls face down accidentally. There is also an option for those who do not want their case protector to look different from the watch band. For such people, waterproof bands with the same type of bumper cases fitted on them are the best bet.