10 Reasons Apple Will Control The Future Of Mobile Technology

Apple, the tech giant has already captured the market with the quality products it keeps on introducing each

Apple, the tech giant has already captured the market with the quality products it keeps on introducing each year. Every version of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Smart watch and other products made a breakthrough in the market when they were released. iPhone 6 and 6S are the latest version of the iPhone that has been launched in the market, and Apple got huge appreciation with their latest release. This is just the start and the way Apple is going ahead in technology, there is no doubt Apple will control the future of mobile technology.

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Here are the reasons why Apple will control the future of mobile technology


Everything is coming in a single package



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There are many smartphone manufacturers in the market, and most of them are bringing the high end products packed with so many new and useful features in them. But still, Apple is the only brand whose smartphones are loved by most of the people. The reason is though the most of the Apple mobile features are very similar to others, Apple includes everything in one package, and this is why they are far ahead of their competitors.


They are rising despite the odds


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Having a look at the competitors and deciding on the price and other factors is the main trick that companies keep on following to grow in the market. This is not the case with Apple. They know very well the price ranges of other smartphone, but never have lowered the price of their products. Still, Apple is able to perform an outraged sale and the quality of their products is the one and only reason for that.


They are dominating other industries

High-quality camera in the iPhone and iPad has lowered the sale of products that comes from companies like Nikon, Canon and Sony. The camera in Apple devices is able to record videos at 240 fps and that is really amazing. Companies like Nikon, Canon and Sony saw a high drop in sales in the recent years.


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Fear of theft


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Wallet free payment was started long back with PayPal, Square Inc. etc. But still, many are not convinced enough to start this payment process. Apple has started the same concept with Apple Pay that is very safe and in case the phone is lost or stolen, just a button click will stop the payment process.


They know how to sell the technology


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All those products that Apple keeps on bringing, such as smartphones, tablets, Apple watches etc. are not new in the market and many manufactures have brought them long back. Still, Apple is experiencing a high sale just because they know the way to market a technology much better than others.


Effectively bridging the technology gaps


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Apple is always ahead of the competition in every way and it tries to bridge the gap entirely using advanced technologies. Apple wrist watch is the product through which Apple tried to bridge the technology gap perfectly.


Innovative features


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Smart Watch is not the first product from Apple, as it came long before Apple released their first Apple watch. Though this is not the pioneer, but highly innovative features included in the smart watch made them stand out. Several actuators, navigation maps, apple maps, etc. are the features included in Apple watch that made the difference. The GPS which, when activated speaks out the direction and there is no need to look out at the watch.

Apple is connecting technology with us

The keyboard was first used to provide input, and this has been replaced by the touch screen. At some point, the touch screen will be gone and no input will be required. Heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, internal gyroscope, built in fitness app etc. are the features in Apple watch that do not require any input, but keep track of all the things.


Connecting the world


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You can control everything starting from TV, gas, door locking and more just sitting at one place in the house. Apple’s home kit product came to work as a central hub where all the gadgets are part of centralized network, and everything will be handled very easily from one place.


Inductive charging


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Inductive charging is another added advantage of Apple. The charger is packed with a magnet and for charging the phone, you just take it closer to the phone and the rest will be done automatically. This is advantageous mostly in the dark area.